Nido Prana Tulum

Welcome to Nido. Our intimate little restaurant hidden inside Prana Boutique Hotel. 
Nido serves a variety of Mexican and Mediterranean delicacies.

Meet Nido at Prana


“NIDO in Spanish means “Nest”. The name for our restaurant came from the fact that our hotels garden has always been a home for many species of birds that chant during all hours of the day. We have a family of Tucans that come back every few months to hatch a new nest and this inspired the name.

Delicious Mexican & Mediterranean Food


Our restaurant NIDO serves up an eclectic variety of dishes and comfort food inspired by Mediterranean and Mexican food. We have become quite popular as a breakfast meeting point for locals. Together with our guests, they enjoy starting their day with a good breakfast inside our peaceful garden. For lunch and dinner we base most of our menu on seafood recipes. Our restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week from 8AM.”

Open for every occasion


Restaurant Opening Hours:
8:00 – 22:00

Nido’s Pool Bar


Nido also has a pool bar where we serve a variety of cocktails made by master mixologist Alberto Posadas. Our cocktails are mostly based on Mexican liquors, like Pox, Mezcal, Sotol, Ancho Reyes, Damiana and more.

Bar Opening Hours:
8:00 – 22:00

Nido Restaurant


In the search of the best traditions of the mexican cuisine.
Nido has selected the best representative dishes of our gastronomy in a dinner with the authentic mexican flavor.

Meet Our Chef


“If I close my eyes when the rain falls and I smell the humidity of the land, it is as if I were transported back to my childhood, running through the ranch of my grandparents, a place that was our paradise as children; because there the avocados had that taste, the fish had the scent of the sea and the rivers, and the crickets had the aroma of the earth.

I remember how adults sowed and prepared the land, how they kept the harvest and when it was rainy season we ran to collect the mushrooms, everything was clean and fresh because it was of that same day.

Today the reality is that we are full of industries, we know less of the authentic flavors, we are more exposed to deception and yet I believe that you should know what it is to feel love in every bite, to know the corn in a freshly made tortilla, as in the field, that sauce that can not be missing on the table, with freshly cut tomatoes, because all this feeds our body and soul and it is as my mother said: we are made of chili, corn, beans and earth, and we are the hope that the fields will not dry out and keep growing. This project is born out of that nostalgia, which aims to make you a part of a trip to the heart of Mexico. Through each dish, you will experience and feel our true flavors. It is a tribute to our ancestors and we will do it with all the respect and love that they have inherited to us.”

Chef José De Jesús Navarro Muñoz