August 26th to 31st

Welcome to Prana, our hotel and retreat center has for years offered holistic retreats focused on plant medicines, to help people in their journeys to heal emotional traumas and to be inspired to become healthier and improved versions of themselves. In these uncertain times we are living in, we are constantly reminded of how fragile life is and how our mental health is connected to our physical health and thus to the wellbeing of our immune systems. This is why we decided it was the perfect moment to offer something new to our guests.

A workshop and retreat that combine different worlds, methods and ancestral knowledge that all serve for us to become the strongest and healthiest versions of who we can be. We have combined a menu of therapies for your stay with us, which are all meant to get the best out of your immune systems. You will learn new techniques to stay healthy and experience ancestral medicine and knowledge to take home with you.



The first thing on the schedule is a full day workshop of Wim Hof Method. During this day an official WHM instructor will give lectures on the immune system, teach breathing techniques to stay healthy and teach how to control the body through the power of the mind with ice baths.

*The full day Wim Hof Method workshop, has no affiliation with the 3 day Kambo retreat or the therapies used during the guests stay at Prana boutique Hotel. They are two separate events being held in combination one after the other.

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Our second and there-forth daily treatment will be an ancestral Amazonian medicine called Kambo.

Kambo is the extracted poison from the Phylomeddusa bicolor frog, also known as the giant monkey frog. The poison from this frog is used by indigenous Amazonian tribes as a natural vaccine to cure diseases, to sharpen the senses, and to maintain a healthy strong immune system.

During our retreat you will receive three applications on different days to obtain the full immunity effect from the frog.

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Temazcal (Pre-Hispanic Sweat Lodge), This ancestral ritual benefits the body and the soul, balancing your mind and emotions for inner peace and harmony.

This traditional temazcal ceremony was designed to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being through a purging of physical and emotional toxins.

A spiritual guide will help you to open your heart to ancestral visions, while releasing stress and detoxifying the body through a series of four guided meditations accompanied by chanting and medicine music. During this time, a tea, made by soaking fresh herbs, is splashed over heated volcanic rocks to produce a powerful and fragrant steam. As your body begins to relax and detoxify, you will begin to experience a connection to your inner self and with Mother Earth.


A wellness consultation is an opportunity to tell your story in a supported environment with the intention of shifting the patterns in your life that no longer serve you.

Working with herbs is a different path to allopathic (conventional) medicine and other healing modalities.

Our therapist formulates herbal medicines and tinctures and recommends diet and lifestyle changes to support you, as well as explore the root causes of disease and imbalance.

During your session you can discuss your health goals, try Mayan medicinal flowers, and explore other healing systems.


Using the power of Reiki, Aromatherapy, Prana Vidya, Ayurvedic Massage, Abdominal Massage, and Mantra, the person is taken to a profound state of relaxation and openness that helps us dissolve and release blocks that restrict our energetical, mental and physical bodies.


Relax your body and mind in an hour long meditation through a journey of sound.

Everything is a vibration and you tune your body like you tune an instrument.

Different instruments are set to certain frequencies. Sound healing allows your body to heal itself by slowing down your brain waves, which affect every cell in your body, shifting them from diseased to being in ease.


Join Pablo in letting go, surrendering and delving into the art of doing nothing.
Today we live in a constant mental and social hustle, where we are told that if we are not proactive and efficient, we are not worth anything socially. And therefore we have disconnected from deep relaxation, from being able to connect to our Being, and to the most intimate relationship that exists in our lives. With different techniques of breathing, meditation and healing, we will learn to reclaim our own power that we have to listen to ourselves in silence. and to be able to connect with our intuition through the art of relaxation.


With the help of Chef Kin, we have prepared a delicious and healthy vegan menu for you during your stay which will further help to bring your immune system to its full potential.


will have the following costs:

$1750.00 (USD) per person in a single occupancy standard king room.

$1500.00 (USD) per person in a double occupancy standard king room.

$1900.00 (USD) per person in a single occupancy suite (extra living area with futon couch, kitchenette, tv, and larger private terrace with plunge pool).

$1650.00 (USD) per person in a double occupancy suite (extra living area with futon couch, kitchenette, tv and larger private terrace with plunge pool).

These prices are all inclusive: all meals, all the therapies and consultations, and a 5 night stay at Prana Boutique Hotel. (Airfare and airport transfers are not included).



Juan Pablo’s life took a strong turn in 2017 when he got bit by a tick while camping, which left him with severe symptoms that were later diagnosed as Lyme disease as well as 2 co-infections of Babesia duncani/microti and Rickettsia.

After seeing many doctors within months, the conclusion was drawn that it would take 4 years of antibiotic treatments to suppress all the diseases.

During his research phase on how to understand what was going on inside his body he came across a Vice documentary on Wim Hof and his methodology. He subscribed to an online course and since the first day he began the deep breathing exercises he noticed how his pain was reduced significantly and his energy and focus increased.

After a couple of months of daily practices his life returned to normal, and less than a year out his results for Lyme disease came out negative. This was all the motivation he needed to dedicate his life and time to teaching people about these powerful methods to stay healthy with a strong immune system and a clear sharp mind.


Silvia Neule (Utiama) has her origin in Germany, for years though she was living a nomadic lifestyle around the world, organizing gatherings in Turkey, Germany and Mexico  and discovered different cultures and their healing tools. When she came in contact with the plant and animal medicine in 2014, there was only one path to follow and she learned and assisted different Medicine Men and Women from Brazil, Mexico and  Peru. Besides facilitating and holding Kambo Ceremonies,  she’s a Reiki, Massage and Biomagnetism Therapist and has her focus on Detoxification.


Pablo combines his life work in Energetic Healing, Ayurvedic massage Bodywork with Yoga and Tantric traditions to awaken the mind, body and soul into a renewed sense of being.

He passionately shares this process with others so they can experience the powerful benefits that have transformed his life.


Margarita started her path working for a corporate company, when the day came that she looked for alternative healing for a nervous system disease that she suffered from. This was the beginning of her journey, learning from ancient civilizations such as the Wixarika people – the guardians of the desert – and discovering the sacred peyote cactus from San Luis Potosi. She began to understand and learn magical ways to heal the soul, feeling the wisdom and love from midwife women in the Mayan territory, climbing sacred mountains around Mexico carrying offerings, candles and prayers from groups of people who were seeking healing and doing connection rituals.

Finally she met her Temazcal teachers, two Temazcal guides who introduced her deeply to this ceremony. Learning about power plants and ceremonies, through meditations, fasting and shamanic rituals, she acquired wisdom and knowledge around the right ways to live.


Jupiter is a manufacturer of indigenous instruments from Mesoamerica, and promoter of the use of sound emitted by the indigenous instruments of the world, as a regulator for temperament, growth and personal and collective well-being.


Reiki came into Andrea’s life when she was 16 years old and from that moment she started walking this path. Andrea studied to be a Masseuse but her curiosity about the body was immense and so she decided to enter University where she studied for 5 years and graduated from a Bachelors of Kinesiology and Physiatry. She then specialized in Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy. In recent years she discovered the magic of the Thai Massage and acupressure.

At the present time she fused the knowledge that she has been taught to create a therapy through the energy of each being she works with.