Yoga & Retreats

PRANA Boutique Hotel

Yoga and Retreats

"At the moment we give daily yoga classes from Monday through Friday from 8:30 until 10:00. Wednesdays from 7:00 till 8:30"

Our hotel offers a large thatched roof space for yoga, ceremonies and other types of classes. We are also available for closed doors retreats as the entire hotel can be rented out and special menus made for the guests that are attending. For more information please communicate with us through


Even though we don't promote ourselves as an eco-friendly hotel because we believe that in places like Tulum, it has become a cliche and more of a marketing tool than anything else, but after many of our guests have told us that we should mention it, since many people base their decisions on where to book on how environmentally friendly a hotel is, we decided to write a little section about it on our webpage.

Since the day we opened, our hotel has silently tried to do everything we can to keep our ecological footprint to a minimum. Unfortunately there is no recycling yet here in Tulum but a few good people have made centers where one can leave their plastic and glass and it gets picked up once a month or so and sent to another state in large quantities to actual recycling centers. Our soft drink distributor does recycle all the glass bottles so those get sent back every month. Other glass bottles that can not be recycled, often get used for construction here in Tulum to create glass spaces in walls to let light in and so we often give away our glass bottles to people that ask for them.

Our restaurant, Nido, tries to keep meat items on the menu to a minimum as meat consumption is the highest possible carbon footprint one can leave.
At our restaurant and bar we don't use any plastic bottles, and no plastic straws either, instead we use reusable metal straws. We provide glass bottles in the rooms with water which are cleaned and refilled every day by our maid so the guests don't need plastic bottles either.

Our shampoos and body washes are from Ixchel, a local organic producer. We even re-use the plastic shampoo containers for as long as we can until they are not presentable anymore. This way instead of putting a new container in the room every day, we refill them, stick a new label on them and this way we only have to change containers every few weeks instead of throwing them away every day. Our waste water filtration system uses three filters which eventually make the water come out clean again and this water is automatically passed on to irrigate the plants in its vicinity in the garden of the hotel.

We leave booklets in every room, with recommendations on what to do and not to do in Tulum and the Riviera Maya, in order to cause the least damage possible and recommend our guests to stay away from "swimming with dolphins" parks, which have become such a huge attraction here in the Riviera Maya and people do not realize how much damage they are contributing to by swimming in a pool with these beautiful intelligent creatures. Any tourism that is causing damage to wildlife we speak up against and refuse to recommend to our guests.

As Tulum is developing, and more and more people are visiting this magical town, the ecological problems are being put in the spotlight and the municipality is being forced to finally face some of the many problems. You as a guest and visitor can make just as much of an impact, depending on the choices you make while you are here.